Woolmark asked us to animate a short story to enlighten people on the brilliant benefits of wool. We used a highly-stylised 3-D approach to create something that felt tactile and embodied a playful innocence.

Wool. Ingenious, versatile, and au naturale. Where would we be without it? This short film for Woolmark is an homage to our most fluffiest of pals.

In the beginning...

...humans roamed the earth a free and unrefined species, they ate what pleaseth them, and never worried over which selfie to pick for their Facebook profile. But there was one small problem. They were shiveringly cold. With very little access to hot soup.

But then one day, this fuzzy friend trotted along,
and naught would ever be the same....

Through the ages.

As humans evolved, so too did their needs. And wool was increasingly becoming an answer to their daily dilemmas. Feeling stinky? Clothes too bulky? Over-perspiring? No problemo for, you guessed it...wool!

We had a blast concepting scenes and characters from the stone-age right up to present day.

Each and every element was considered. We designed it
all, from rum bottle labels to swingin’ tavern signs.

We love the challenge this job presents. With no dialogue or voiceover, we had to communicate the narrative through our expressive characters and their comic timing. We developed rubber-like characters that could bend and stretch into emphatic poses, and explored textures for the skin and clothing that spoke to their culture and historic reference.


Coming soon!