Bankwest Campaign


Squeeze into those lycra pants, slide into the saddle, clip in your cleats, and pay for a piccolo with a fist bump the next time you stop at the cafe. What started with Brenton the MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra) quickly turned into a successful system including multiple deliverables across a range of platforms.


At the heart of this campaign is the Bankwest family of characters. The backbone of every script, this bonza bunch includes Brenton, Benita, Barney, Bernadette, Bryce, Brittany, Benjamin, Basinta, Bevan, Bella, Bradley, Bianca, Brenna and a dog named Fido. jk. It’s Barker.


To give Bankwest plenty of bang for their (ahem) BUCK we created a male and female body shape that we use for the entire cast. To keep things fresh, we’re expanding each character’s wardrobe through material updates and small model changes. Props are used to infuse new flavours to our beloved cast of characters.


The campaign extends well beyond the screen to billboards, buses, trams, and storefronts. We’ve even turned one character into a life-size cutout. Like in the films, the stills use these characters to tell a story that speaks to a Bankwest product or service. The library of assets is evolving and growing, over time.

These images are aimed at first home buyers. Bevan and Britney along with their cute kids Bella and Bradley are designed to be relatable to families.


What would a campaign be without social assets? Loops for social, loops for stories and loops for the love of loops. (Below) Brenna is used to highlight events at the Bankwest stadium.


We treat the compositions as flat graphic design, leaning towards bold, minimal layouts with plenty of shape play. The screens and wall art within the sets are all 2-D which helps to reinforce the simplified design language.

Characters Sets and Props

We start with sketches, jump over to vector before adding the 3rd dimension.