Canadian Tire


TAXI asked us to help them redefine the iconic Canadian brand, and we were pumped to craft an exciting new direction over the course of this year-long campaign.

We Do New

The legendary Canadian Tire wanted something unexpected. Ambitious creative for a legacy brick-and-mortar. When someone tells us “you can’t make windshield wiper fluid exciting,” we laugh.

The “We Do New” campaign is high-octane, colorful fun with a 3-D approach that marries well with the energetic beat.

These are brand and product mashups — each spot has to speak to both.

We wanted every frame to speak to the Canadian Tire brand. We did this through color and pattern repetition and by taking ownership of the triangular-shaped logo which we used as a visual motif.
01. Washer Fluid ↓

Washer Fluid →

We gushed over this one—bold, bombastic, winter-conquering fun.

02. Inflator ↓

Inflator →

Leaning heavily on repetition and pattern, but with unexpected visual surprises — this one pops.

03. Thermacell ↓

Thermacell →

This summer spot for a mosquito-repelling miracle machine really scratched an itch.

04. Humidifier ↓

Humidifier →

Vibrant color fields help keep this one from drying out.

05. Lights ↓

Lights →

We really lit up this holiday spot for voice and app controlled lighting systems.

We never get tire-d of this kind of eye candy. Or dad puns.