We partnered with 7UP to UPlift and refresh their brand identity. We united CG visuals with a bold photographic language, revitalizing the brand across all major touchpoints in a way that feels distinctly 7UP.

Vivacious Visual Language

We maintained the iconic 7UP green to stay true to the brand, and weaved in fun, zesty elements throughout still and motion assets to add vibrance to the new identity. We amplified the idea of “UPliftment” through fluid upward camera movements and transformative CG visuals set against a warm, sunlit sky.

Assets That Quench Your Thirst

Our goal was to create a motion identity that takes the recognizable 7UP brand and translates it into a crisp visual language that entices consumers across the globe.

We infused this confident and bubbly visual language into our live-action video, photography design elements, CG, and overall feel to create a bright, uplifting campaign that evolves the 7UP brand.

This project was an extensive journey of discovery and creative exploration as we worked to capture freshness in our visual language, but it was an incredibly invigorating experience along the way.



Associate Producer

Chloe Soares

Executive Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Enrique Mosqueda

Group Creative Director

Camille Chu

Executive Producer

Kim Stephens

Group Creative Director

Dan Marsh

Associate Creative Director

Cecilia Chang Lee

Senior Producer

Monica Lynn


Adam Hughes

Jack Williams

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Bill Dorais

Chris Phillips

Art Director

Stephen Bader

Hyung Soon Joo

Production Coordinator

Jennifer Blackwell

Lead 3D Artist

Hogan Williams

3D Design

Cesar Barbosa

Daniel Whitaker

Hernan Lindenbaum

Johana Kroft

Josefina Llano

Ryan Musselman

Wing Sze Lee

Ylli Orana

Will Burkart

3D Animation

Anthony Enos

Anton Tokar

Arran Bish

Auron Luxe

Chris Ribar

Dan Darling

Duncan DeMichiel

Jacky Jackson

Jesseter Wang

Kevin Weber

Marc Steinberg

Marcio Flausino

Matt Siegel

Michael Russo

Terence Ginja-Martinho

Will Burkart

2D Lead

Vero Gomez

2D Animation

Wooyoung Kim


Daniel Stuhlpfarrer

Danilo Rodrigues

Storyboard Artist

Thea Glad

William Rosado

Finishing Artist

Michael Dwass

Sam Smith

Strategy Lead

Surabhi Rathi

Brand Strategist

Jeremy McDonald

Steph Millar

Head of Copy

Dave Evans


Shana Billingsley

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Arron Ingold

Anyways Creative

Chanelle Larios

Emily Simms

Jessica Bayer

Madison Caprara

Jasmine Phull



Michael Dwass

Live Action

Live Action Production Partner



Margaret Stepien

Art Director

Arielle Casale

Head of Production

Trish Rigby

Line Producer

Richard Fenton

Director of Photography

Tristan Sheridan


Cecilia Chang Lee

Dan Marsh


Head of Post Production

Jose Fuentes


Peter Brandi

Randy Rubin

Talia Mazzarella

Assistant Editor

Oliver Lin


Sound Design Studio

Sounds Like These