Westpac 3%


We tag-teamed with DDB in Sydney to deliver some fun, funny, and funky UGC for Westpac so they can bring in some new young customers.

We’re 100% sure 3% is a lot.

Westpac wanted us to trumpet their 3% interest rate to attract young people who get by through a variety of odd jobs and side-hustles. Because truth is stranger than fiction, we took this side-hustle concept to the potential customers and got them to tell us about their worst and weirdest jobs.

Unique Stories

We did five different spots based on real life UGC stories. Each one was done in a different style to give them their own ‘voice’.


The odd jobs themselves were a wild mix. This first one was a pet sitter for a crazy cat lady who was tasked with maintaining regular feline eye contact and effusive compliments.

Lost Shoe

The next story was about an odd jober who found himself scaling a very large structure to retrieve a lost shoe. The only hiccup was the eagle’s nest he discovered.

Pugs in the Outback

One of our favorite stories was the person who had to transport some show dog pugs from Melbourne to Perth. Any day we get to riff on Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a good day in our book.

The Ball Collector

You ever wonder what happens to all those shanked golf balls at the island green hole-in-one contest? It’s not a bad gig all things considered, but you have to bring your own scuba equipment.

Chirp chirp chirp chirp....

Sometimes, when you’re a delivery person, it’s best not to know (cue Brad Pitt from the movie Se7en) ‘WHAT’S IN THE BOX?’ And who is waiting for it on the other end.

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