Umbro Blackout


Launching the Umbro Cosmos Blackout Collection, the good folks at Anomaly approached us to create this retelling of the legendary Carlos Alberto Torres’ unique induction into the Cosmos family. A special treat for New Yorkers and soccer fans alike.

Amid a swirl of insanity, Carlos is all, “You know, so I walk up the building, and I find a couchhhh...” very cool and nonchalant. It was important to us that we capture his vibe as Carlos moseys his way through this chaotic environment. His zeros f#*ks attitude is as inspiring as his genius on the pitch.

We wanted the imagery to come out of the black fog of Carlos’s memory — taking shape as the words were spoken, as if the memories are being retrieved in real time from the nebulous void. The words themselves are leading us through this dreamlike journey as Carlos recounts his tale.



Executive Creative Director

Orion Tait

Executive Producer

Anne Skopas


Melissa Johnson

Associate Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Art Director

Thomas Schmid

Production Coordinator

Billy Mack


Thomas Schmid

Design Lead

Chris Neal

2D Animation Lead

William Trebutien

Cel Animation

Efrain Clintron

Harry Teitelman

Maceo Frost

Thomas Schmid

Composite Lead

Seth Ricart

3D Animation

Andreas Berglund

Chris Phillips


Conrad Ostwald