Breath of Stress Air


Truth, a national prevention and education initiative, is on a campaign to stamp out Gen Z’s vaping problem by revealing the myths and misinformation behind the epidemic.

Stressed Out

Vaping is sold to an anxious generation as a way to relieve stress. But in reality, vaping creates a vicious cycle of stress and anxiety. The only way to win that game is not to play.

The education messaging was communicated to Gen Z through the lingua franca of memes and social media. They wanted us to help debunk popular misconceptions and myths about vaping and drive traffic to their website which links to a 24 hr help hotline.


The project was rounded off with two main 30 second tv spots, and additional spots that were also cutdown to size for social media.

We also took over the website landing page, which featured a series of illustrated gifs and type assets that accompanied the brand’s messaging. The art jumps off the page like cascading, stressful thoughts, and guides users along an endless scroll of educational resources.

Visual Approach

We wanted to create a visual language that felt fresh and relevant to 2021 social media, without simply trying to mimic existing memes and visual styles. Relying heavily on treated photography, emojis, and bright colors, we tried to create a look that felt unique and different enough that it would not quickly become dated.

For the Waterfall spot, we used a glitch animation style in moments to communicate that feeling where one too many vapes cause your energy and stress level to get a bit crispy.

Music & Sound Design

When we made it to post-production, music and sound design became vital in setting up the crescendo and journey from “calm to chaos”. The two main spots both feature an unsettling arrangement of glitchy sounds, ominous voiceovers, and audio textures designed for discomfort.



Group Creative Director

Daniel Oeffinger

Executive Producer

Billy Mack

Creative Director

Yker Moreno


Alexi Yeldezian

Tracey McDonough

Production Coordinator

Flo Fusco

Hayley Newett


Audrey McHale

Billy Kostka

Dave Conte

Jose Fuentes

Peter Brandi


Carmel Gatchalian

Melissa Miyamoto-Mills

Vero Gómez

Animation Lead

Sean Merk

Vero Gómez

2D Animation

Dan Cantelm

Luke Barker

Meitar Almog

Melissa Miyamoto-Mills

Michael Russo

Paola Chen Li


Ben Rohel

Jose Fuentes

Mojo Supermarket

Group Creative Director

Jono Paull

Creative Director

Tim Kang


Brian Marcolini

Art Director

Eddy Allen

Executive Producer

Colleen Miller


Music Studio


Executive Producer

Greg Tiefenbrun

Head Mix Engineer

Andy Green

Senior Mixer

Juan Aboites