GS&P came to us to make some sensational short films that capture the breadth of flavors and experience of drinking a Truly Hard Seltzer. We wanted to give this a visceral feel and communicate through a fun, visual language the refreshing, joyful vibes associated with Truly Hard Seltzer.

Visual Language

We broke the concept down into themes and through the process of discovery, we began to develop ways to visualize those themes in unique and weird ways through a combination of abstract, playful animations and liquid simulation.

Thanks to our frequent collaborations with Goodby, and a supportive client, we were granted a lot of trust during the creative process. Instead of the usual “make a plan → execute the plan” model, we treated this more like an artistic jam session.

We blended techniques, we experimented, we tried hard to surprise ourselves with where we could take this. Many brands would have got cold feet as we took the liquid out of this liquid product, but that was the breakthrough that made this feel so unique.

Trust the process

Our CG, animation, design, and editorial teams are just that — teams. Trusting the creative process of each artist while simultaneously working collectively and collaboratively is the key to realizing success for us.

Sometimes it feels like we’re operating without a net. And when we get that feeling, we know we’re on to something.



Executive Producer

Luisa Murray

Creative Director

Dan Marsh

Associate Creative Director

Gosha Kuznetsov

Senior Producer

David Guti Rosado

Jamey Kitchens

Production Coordinator

Lara Arikan

CG Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

Marc Steinberg


Max Forward


Ana Gomez Bernaus

Brendi Wedinger

Cecilia Chang Lee

Dan Darling

Kevin Heo

Seba Morales

Zoe Schneider

CG Artists

Chloe Tu

Joshua Studebaker

Kien Hoang


Alfonso Petersen

3D Animation

Adam Webber

Alejandro Perez

Andy Hahn

Dan Darling

Kevin Weber

Trevor Kerr

2D Animation

Lauren Kittle

Nicole Pappas

Ramzi Hogan

Head of Post Production

Paal Rui


Cudjo Collins

Finishing Artist

Ben Rohel


Sound Design Studio

Zelig Sound