Spotify AAPI Heritage Month


We teamed up with Spotify to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month by creating an animated visualizer for Audrey Nuna’s cover of “That XX”.

Audrey Nuna – That XX ↗

Spotify rolled out an AAPI Heritage Month campaign to celebrate Asian and Pacific Island Americans’ contributions to the culture.

As part of their campaign, Korean-American R&B singer and rapper, Audrey Nuna, recorded a cover of “That XX,” originally recorded by “King of K-pop,” G-Dragon. BUCK was asked to create a 30 second visualizer for the song.

First recorded in 2012, “That XX” is about G-Dragon’s unrequited love for a girl who’s with another person that doesn’t deserve her. In the end, (SPOILER ALERT) it’s revealed that he and the girl’s lover are actually one and the same.

In our visualizer, Audrey plays the part of all three characters in the song’s love triangle. The story is told through the lens of a dream, where she dwells upon her feelings of love and desire.

We grounded our design in AAPI imagery, such as silk paintings, illustrative iconography, and retro anime aesthetics.

By blending 2D and 3D techniques, we created a unique art direction that referenced Spotify’s larger AAPI campaign, while representing Audrey Nuna’s artistic style.



Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Creative Director

Joyce N. Ho

Senior Producer

Russell Greene

Art Director

Sol Lee

2D Animation Lead

Alex Perry


Heewon Kim

Joyce N. Ho

Pedro Veneziano

Ross McCampbell

Sol Lee

Tuo Kan

Twisha Patni

3D Animation

Pedro Murteira

Ross McCampbell

2D Animation

Alex Perry

Joyce N. Ho

Paola Chen

Cel Animation

Ryoko Kondo


Sound Designer

Matthew Ryals