Slapstick In-House App


A passion project that became an entire app, built in-house from the ground up and touched by every type of talent BUCK has to offer. Slapstick is an ongoing project that continues to stick it to reality.

What do you get when you mix AR with some 2-D animation eye candy? BUCK’s first mobile app, lovingly called Slapstick. It’s an AR camera app that lets you add animated stickers to surfaces before or after capture.

Acid, Celebration, Kinky, Spook...our range of sticker packs is as wide as it is weird—and it just keeps growing. Bring some BUCK weirdness into your world.

And then there was 3.0 ↓

Breaking (virtual) boundaries.

Slapstick’s our playground for pushing the envelope and bending reality. It’s a never-ending labor of love and ludicrousness. With the release of Slapstick 3.0, we're pioneering the first mobile post-capture AR editing experience out there. Who knows what’s next?↗



Executive Creative Director

Ryan Honey

Managing Director/Product Manager

Jeff Ellermeyer

Managing Executive Producer

Maurie Enochson

Executive Producer

Emily Rickard

Creative Director

Kevin Walker


Nick Carmen

Associate Producer

Alexi Yeldezian

David Guti Rosado

Line Producer

Justin Harris

Production Coordinator

Jenny Morris

Solana Braun

Marketing & Communications

Marla Moore

Global Head of CG & Tech

Doug Wilkinson

Lead Creative Technologist

Michael Delaney

Lead Developer

Shin Kang


Manny Berk

Art Director

Chris Markland

Design LA

Audrey Yeo

Ben Nichols

Brian Won

Caleb Boyles

Debora Cruchon

Devin Mathews

Diffan Norman

Esther Moon

Fabian Molina

Janice Ahn

Jerry Suh

Jiaqi Wang

Joe Mullen

Kendra Ryan

Lauren Gaballo

Mark Kulakoff

Marla Moore

Shannon Rollins

Tony Legato

Tuo Kan

Design NY

Amelia Chen

Ben Langsfeld

Daniel Oeffinger

Gilles Desmadrille

Jon Gorman

Olivia Blanc

Ross McCampbell

Tucker Klein

William Trebutien

Yeojin Shin

Design SYD

Gareth O'Brien

Luke Brooking

Animation Director

Daniel Coutinho

Animation LA

Alessandro Ceglia

Alexander Bernas

Brianne Gagg

Brooke Shay

Daniel Coutinho

Daniel Rodrigues

Esteban Esquivo

Jaime Mora

Jiaqi Wang

José Peña

Juan Ricardo Hernandez

Junyi Xiao

Kendra Ryan

Matt Deans

Matt Everton

Patrick Knip

Peter Kallstrom

Rafael Araujo

Ren Chen

Taylor Griggs

Tyler Lancaster

Animation NY

Olivia Blanc

Tucker Klein

William Trebutien


Adam Singer


Music & Sound Design

Malfred Sound