Shopify Summit 2022


We partnered up with Shopify for the second year in a row to bring their 2022 summit to life. A tasty set of 25 beautifully illustrated, loopable cinemagraphs took center stage — but this time Otzi was put on ice. Again.

Nonna’s Ancient Specialty

The visuals for this year’s summit supported a story about “Nonna”, an Italian grandmother who uses Shopify to give her rural olive oil company global prestige. To capture the essence of Nonna and Shopify’s story, the visual elements were rooted in the fluidity and colors of olive oil. These central elements were backed by luscious representations of Italian landscapes filled with soft gradients and plumy shapes.

Flirting with Abstraction

We found a happy medium between abstraction and representation, sculpting forms and visual symbolism in a unique process that we really enjoyed.

Cinematic Details

The summit was primarily focused on the documentary film, so we borrowed similar filmic traits to develop an aesthetic that departed from the style of the 2021 summit. By utilizing depth of field and set-like lighting, we were able to illuminate key elements of each scene.

Soft & Smooth Motion

Traditionally, we generate completed sequences of animation based off of a locked script or piece of music. But for Shopify we were working from a series of key images and story beats as the main ingredients for the animated cinemagraphs. Giving the illustrations a subtle stroke of motion meant the client had animated footage to work into their edit.

This project was a testament to BUCK’s global capabilities. We put together a superstar roster of international illustrators from Brazil, Germany, and the US. Each brought their own sensibility, but collectively they produced a singular, consistent aesthetic that bound all of the pieces together beautifully.

All of the art materialized because of a great collaborative back and forth with Shopify. For the second year in a row, the client embraced our vision early on and trusted our approach. If Shopify comes knocking again next year, we’ll be there with bells on.



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Creative Director

Robert Bisi

Associate Creative Director

Amelia Giller

Nicolas Gloazzo

Executive Producers

Justin Harris

Nick Carmen


Drew Neujahr

Production Coordinator

Kyjahana Izizarry

Art Director

Mindy Park


Danilo Rodrigues

Yukyung Lee


Aran Quinn

Cadu Blanco

Dan Muangprasert

Daniel Amdemichael

Gunnar Pettersson

Sandro Rybak

Sophi Gullbrants

Animation Lead

Taylor Griggs


Adrian Moran

Drew Wiebe

Jardeson Rocha

Juan Ricardo Hernandez

Kyle Griggs

Lauren Tom

Lumi Chang

Morgan Allison

Patrick Knip

Scott Jonsson

Zackary Miller