A full 360 brand development and launch for Sense, a sexual wellness startup unapologetically embracing the world of play. From that first electric brush of skin to the steamy ravishings that follow, with Sense, safety isn't an afterthought or an intrusion — but a seamless, organic part of our journey. With a sultry brand voice and bold visual identity (playfully dubbed "Body Language") to tantalizing product packaging, BUCK, dare we say, touched every inch of this brand.

Ready? Okay. ->

*soft guitar strums in the distance* It’s not every day a brief brushes past our desk that raises the tiny hairs on the back of our necks…. by the end of the deliverables list, hearts were pounding, minds were racing, it was…too picante! Raising a glass of icy water to our lips (or was it something stronger?) we whispered…this is hot…..

Needless to say, we took on the project with abandon, bridging the brand’s sabor Latino with a mission to make safe play, sexy.

A brand with a mission ->

Over the next two years, we got very personal, developing the Venezuelan brand from the ground up for launch in North America with a comprehensive brand strategy and tone of voice focusing on the idea of "foreplay." We aimed to strike the right balance between sexy vs. serious, creating a playful intimacy that encourages customers to explore their desires without judgment or fear.

Sense wanted its mission to be reflected through action. We dug in and recommended introducing a Buy 1 Get 1 program stateside, where things are hard right now — but not in a good way. Political conflicts and deep divisions threaten sexual education, freedom, and equality, and we saw Sense’s arrival in the US as an opportunity. Partnering with URGE (Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equality) the brand is making a meaningful impact while introducing its clear-cut voice of sexual freedom to the world — with no shame, no censorship, and no bs.

Visual System, led by packaging design ->

With our strategic vision established, we began to explore the visual identity. Our original goal was to create the whole system from the POV of ‘the aisle’, creating visuals that would shine amongst the dark, highly reflective, and glittering competitors on that shelf. How do you make sexual wellness packaging that you want to display on your nightstand instead of hiding in it? By creating a system that is begging to be played with.

Both immersive and inclusive, our design language mimics the bodily curves of our diverse audiences. We played with tension and anticipation and quickly got off on the use of vibrant pops of color and lush type treatments to create an ownable style that excites as much as it delights.

Web, Marketing & Social Package ->

We know the sexiest thing you can be is straightforward. We put bold, brash language at the forefront of Sense's web, marketing, and social touchpoints. This invited audiences to feel our words through evocative imagery.

By instilling the art direction and photography into the website design and other marketing materials was the icing on our sexy cake.

Toolkit ->

Finally, we built a robust toolkit of typography, photography, product photography, shape and color systems, and containers. Ease of use was at the forefront of the system, assuring smooth development from start to... finish.



Executive Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Russell Greene

Creative Director

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi


Tracey McDonough

Production Coordinator

Khadim Dieng

Art Director

Arielle Casale

Pedro Veneziano

Head of Strategy

Marla Moore

Brand Strategist

Anu Khosla

Asia Hunt


Asia Hunt

Heloise Chung


Kenni Huang

Pedro Veneziano

Wesley Chen

Live Action


Sarah Hopp

Set Design & Prop Styling

Arielle Casale