Google Pixel 4


What started as a simple design-exploration evolved into a comprehensive visual system for the Pixel 4 launch. Inspired by the Bauhaus school’s elegant modernism, Pixel 4 is an exercise in playful simplicity.

When the creative team at Google first approached us, they had two asks: First, that we use the Google colors. And second, that we find a way to capture ‘the Google way,’ the guiding philosophy for the design of the Pixel 4. The Google way is all about simplicity, ease of use, seamless integration of hardware and software, and of course, the Google primaries.

Speaking of color, with this specific palette, it’s very easy to veer into child-like or toy-ish territory. So, our first challenge was to utilize the Google primaries in a way that brings some sophistication and elegance.

Then, we began to explore ways to connect our graphic minimalism to the industrial design of the device -- finding interesting and unexpected ways to show off the hardware.

We also experimented with how our style could translate into 3-D. The added dimension and materiality really took the designs to exciting new places.

Our adventures in 3-D eventually led us to explore set builds for live action shoots where our designs morphed into full scale installations.

And finally, our Pixel 4 exploration made it into the wild… and it was EVERYWHERE!