Coda brings all your words, data, and teamwork into one powerful document. Familiar and simple, but evolved for modern workflows. Together with Coda, we dreamed up arresting combinations of animals, plants, and tools that represent the powerful mashups of productivity possible within a Coda doc. We then rendered these fictions of biology as whimsical naturalist drawings complete with faux Latin names. Maybe nature can’t keep up with our imaginations. But Coda can.

It’s evolution, baby.

Enhancing our Coda creatures came with a simple formula: keep it fun and cheeky, but also functional for the animal. Our genetic experiments led to a small kingdom of animals, each equipped with a specific new tool for their benefit.


The campaign mushroomed into a range of media, including a 30-second animated film featuring a chicken as the narrator, seven 3D illustrations of plant and animal evolutions that also turned into posters and billboards; and three animated looping cinemagraphs based on those illustrations.

The team at Coda passed on some dazzling stats based on the campaign. The animated film increased their video completion rate on LinkedIn by a whopping 43%, and it also has the highest click-through rate compared to other video campaigns they’d run in the past. This is Coda doc-worthy data, and we’re thrilled to have collaborated with their amazing team and yielded such strong results.

Early design explorations.


Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Executive Producer

Justin Harris

Associate Creative Director

Audrey Yeo

Sr. Producer

Adam Reeb

Sr. Art Director

Mark Kulakoff

Global Head of Design

Brian Won

Head of Design - LA

Kenesha Sneed


Gabriel Pages


Arron Ingold

Fernando Utreras

Grace Park

Gunnar Pettersson

Jamiel Law

Jigyu Yoon

Morgan Schweitzer

Nancy Liu

Sol Lee

Stan Chan

Xia Gordon

Yeojin Shin

Zuheng Yin

Matthew Kam

Global Head of 3D

Doug Wilkinson

Head of 3D - LA

Alex Dingfelder

3D Supervisor

Marc Steinberg

Senior 3D Lead

Michele Herrera

Lighting Lead

Eugene Goryachev

Rigging Supervisor

Ernesto Ruiz Velasco


Juan Carlos Barraza Mendoza

Jing Huang

3D Artists

Tina Chao

Irmak Semiz

Peter Sandeman

Jens Lindgren

Anita Kang

Carlos Moran Villanueva

Head of 3D Animation

Alessandro Ceglia

3D Animation Lead

Tyler Lancaster

3D Animation

Hillary McCarthy

Josh Baum

John Fielding

Global Head of 2D Animation

Daniel Coutinho

2D Animation

Kyle Griggs

Zackary Miller

Global Head of Post Production

Paal Rui


Heather Bartholomae


Music & Sound Design

PICO Sound