Cash App Taxes


Taxes stink. What if doing your taxes were chill instead? For the launch of Cash App Taxes we manifested our best selves to dream up a low-stress campaign full of calm, gentle, ASMR inspired vignettes to ease viewers through the process.

The stress of tax time

In the research phase we discovered some shocking revelations: taxes are stressful and people hate doing them. Cash App was changing all of that through the launch of their own tax filing solution — one that's truly free, super streamlined and amazingly accurate.


This campaign is all about treating yourself nice, even during tax season. Inspired by ASMR videos, affirmations, chill meditation visualizers and with our incense lit, it was time to get making. We thought it would be cool to imagine doing your taxes from relaxing spaces: spas, gardens, a comfy cat palace. Once we hit on that concept we knew what we wanted to make.

To the set

For the live-action portion of this campaign, we wanted the sets to feel otherworldly and infuse them with a euphoric and utopic airiness. This meant creating a number of bespoke set pieces from scratch, like a giant, plush bean bag chair.

We wanted this particular decoration to be constructed with a fuzzy material, so we sourced the fabric and handed it over to a seamstress. For the sewing pattern we adapted to a template using a projector, and had to brush up on our high school math equations.

Whimsy out the Wazoo

We wanted to take the garden to a new dimension of magical, so we carefully considered ways of maximizing the scale and whimsy of the environment. To enhance the ethereal appearance we needed real greenery, so we brought in an entire van full of living plants. To top it all off we had brilliant paper artist, Ben Kress, create bespoke, larger than life mushrooms and poppies.

The Icing on the Cake

Any good garden needs its most distinguished feature, a gnome. But we couldn’t settle on one that fit the whimsy and magic of our set. So, we went up a notch, commissioning painter Gloria Guiterrez to bring the characters into our little world with a painted wardrobe based off of boutique clothing designers. Our gnomes were fancy and ready — and voila, the magic garden was complete.

Comfy & Cozy Graphics

The other visual component was the graphics, our traditional domain. Because each vignette had a distinct theme and setting centering around relaxation, we wanted to convey a range of comfy visuals, and we took the product close-ups as a cue to explore these. Sinking your toes into the grass? Divine. Submerging into a giant bean bag chair? Ahhhhh.



Group Creative Director

Daniel Oeffinger

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Russell Greene

Creative Director

Chris Palazzo

Associate Creative Director

Joyce N. Ho

Senior Art Director

Emily Simms

Head of Production, NY

Kevin Hall


Tess Sitzmann

Associate Producer

Dara Ó Cairbre

Creative Strategy Director

Marla Moore

Brand Strategist

Cole Hammack

Creative Development

Emily Simms

Hannah Sun

Joyce N. Ho

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi

Patrick Sluiter

Zuheng Yin

CG Lead

Chris Phillips

Chris Ribar

2D Animation Lead

David Hobizal


Tucker Klein

2D Design

Haeri Cho

Hannah Sun

Tina Smith

Twisha Patni

3D Design

Auron Luxe

Chris Phillips

Diego Diapolo

Hannah Sun

Marcio Flausino

Patrick Sluiter

VFX Supervisor

Chris Ribar


Rachel Keyte


Zuheng Yin

3D Animation

Auron Luxe

Chris Phillips

Chris Ribar

Diego Diapolo

Emiko Inskeep

Hannah Sun

Hogan Williams

Marcio Flausino

Patrick Sluiter

Philipp Pavlov

2D Animation

Hannah Sun

Paola Chen Li

Assistant Editor

Audrey McHale

Talia Mazzarella

Live Action

Head of Production - Live Action

Trish Rigby

Line Producer

Kyle McGuiness


Emily Simms

Director of Photography

Kevin Hayden

Production Designer

Arielle Casale

Floral Designer

Jennifer Huynh


Music Studio


Sound Design Studio


Sound Designer

Ambrose Yu



Elliott Powell

Cash App

Creative Director

Allison Supron

Creative Producer

Adeana Saint-Hilaire

Principal Copywriter

Chad Johnson

3D Designer

Danny Jones

Art Director

Erica Bech