Australian Open 2024


Among tennis’s Grand Slam Championship events, none are more laid-back than the Australian Open. The easy-going charm is why this event has come to be known as the “Happy Slam.” When we were asked to create a spot for the 2024 Australian Open we were as keen on depicting that laid back atmosphere as we were the unique personalities vying for the trophy, in order to capture the spirit of the event.

Our mixed-media, animated spots feature dynamic and colorful vignettes designed to connect with new audiences and tennis die-hards alike. We worked closely with BMF to ensure we were drawing from a diverse pool of players. There we found unexpected and inspiring stories that served as the driving force behind our design choices — crafting bespoke styles to mirror the various personalities. The end result is a fresh, vibrant, and happy campaign that invites everyone in on the fun.



Executive Creative Director

Gareth O'Brien

Executive Producer

Erica Ford

Associate Creative Director

Luke Saunders

Senior Producer

Jordan Howes

Art Director

Salvatore Scopelliti


Luke Saunders

Malisa Perona

Salvatore Scopelliti

Michael Wilkinson

Manu Correa Soto

Jimmy Manton

Lara Lee

Liz Smith

Kane Rowlingson

Max Wanniaratchy

2D Animation

Michael Wilkinson

Sam Van Ingen

Brian Neong San

Salvatore Scopelliti

Luke Saunders

Manu Correa Soto


Fiona Lu

Corin Sadlier


Alina Bermingham


Cameron Drew